Our Mission

Compassionate Soul Care Ministry (CSCM) provides biblically-based counseling with the purpose to help you achieve psychological, social, and mental health. We walk with you via Video Communication as you strive for personal spiritual wellness through Torah-based principles and interventions.

Our Goal

That the individual develops a relationship with Yah to the degree that their problems no longer have power over them. To help them through their brokenness to grow into the likeness of Yah in passion and maturity. The goal of CSCM is to move the individual from hopelessness to hopefulness, incrementally, one step at a time. Our steps are built from biblical truths that reconcile the person to Yah through faith in Yahusha. Our goal is to teach the individual to possess their soul through patience, quality of the Fruit of the Spirit. This is learned by discovering Yah through the Gospel intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, by the guidance of the Ruach haQodesh, the regenerator of the human heart. Change is to be everlasting.