Looking to Support a Torah-Based Ministry?

There are three (3) very easy ways to support & partner with CSCM.

(1) First and foremost, please add CSCM to your prayer list. Along with praying for our ministry, please pray for the many clients who are receiving services. Yah know their name! Pray that their souls can get the care they need through CSCM.

(2) Spreading the word about CSCM is also a great way to support us. This can mean referring your friends, loved ones, family, and others to our ministry when you see someone who could benefit from the services we provide.

(3) Lastly, please consider making a donation to CSCM. We do not serve with selfish ambition such as many secular coaching and consulting services. Yet, there is a cost to keep CSCM going, such as website upkeep, internet costs, and outreach. We ask that if the Ruach HaQodesh puts it in your heart to be a cheerful giver please consider blessing us.

All donations over $150 receive a free printable of all the blogs presented on this site that you can download as a PDF. This PDF includes a section for journaling your thoughts, and other helpful resources (a $50.00 value).

To donate, scroll down to select the amount that the Ruach Ha Qodesh (Holy Spirit) is leading you to give.

Disclaimer: Because CSCM is an LLC, your contributions do not qualify as a tax deduction.