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Shalom, my name is Sister Diane.

It is with sincere respect and excitement, and anticipated outcomes in mind that I greet you. Many of you who read this know about Compassionate Soul Care Ministry (CSCM), a Torah-Observant biblically-based counseling ministry. This entire website is dedicated to that ministry, and right now I am running a blog series on Spiritual Abuse. Maybe you've seen it?

Well, I need your urgent help with a very important project!

As I was writing the blog posts on Spiritual Abuse, I began to wonder just how many people out there have experienced Spiritual Abuse. I also began to wonder what are some of the specific statistics of those who have encountered this, especially within the Torah-community. That's when the idea to create a SURVEY was born.

p.s. If Spiritual Abuse does not relate to you perhaps you know of someone it does, or you may have information about it you would like to share, I would love to here from you.


I wondered,  “Were the wounded aware of the implications of what had happened to them?” 

Not everyone called it by the name “spiritual abuse,” but that’s surely what they were describing. I began to ask them if they believed they had experienced spiritual abuse. It was as though a light of reality turned on inside of them to the fact that they had. It became painfully clear that not readily classifying their experiences as spiritual abuse may indicate just how pervasive this phenomenon is.  But what do any of us truly know about spiritual abuse? While I had heard of spiritual abuse, I certainly was not aware of its implications. For one, how exactly is spiritual abuse identified? Is it something unique to the Yahudim community, or is it a much larger deception? Many men and women are in various stages of learning about the spiritual abuse that happened to them and are seeking to recover and heal.

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Thank you so much for your attention and praying about taking this survey. If you have any questions or feedback, please reply and I’ll be happy to communicate with you further. Please also keep this endeavor in prayer.

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Sis Diane

Gracious is Yahusha, and righteous; Yes, our Yahuah is compassionate.—Psalm 116:5

For a bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out; in faithfulness he will bring forth justice.—Isaiah 42:3