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From the moment I was sworn into my “esteemed” organization through a self-glorified ritual, I started encountering the demonic realm.

Never had I experienced such spiritual attacks as “sleep paralysis,” incubus/succubus spirit attacks, demonic dreams, and out-of-body experiences. That following Fall of 2012, Yahuah spoke to me and told me that what I was involved in was “devil worship” (His words, not mine) and that the women in my organization were practicing black magic. I had two very vivid dreams, among others, that also revealed that I was in a demonic covenant and Satanic soul tie with my “line sisters” and that if I continued on that path, it would lead me to a place of destruction of my soul and ultimately, a point of no return. So, I decided not to go forward with bringing on the next line of girls, a requirement and the next step forward after becoming a member of the organization.

I told my line sisters that “God” said He did not want me to be a part of those practices because it was not of Him and that I could no longer participate with them. Due to my fear of persecution and of what people would say, I tried being an inactive member and prolonged the inevitable for four long years. Due to the increase of demonic energy and spiritual warfare during my graduate years at Howard University, I finally went through with denouncing my letters in the summer of 2016 and completely cut my ties from the masonic practices as Yah initially led and instructed me to do. After denouncing, I fasted and prayed to break off the generational curses that I brought on myself and my future lineage, rededicated my life to the Most High, and surrendered my ENTIRE life to Yahuah with a newfound faith in Him with no intent of turning back. From that point on, Yahuah led me through numerous life-threatening experiences, including being stalked and monitored online and in person by those within the cult. Someone tried to run me off the road in the rain on my way home; I suffered an assault and battery on the way to a Christian women’s fellowship, and many other life-altering experiences such as ostracism, loss of friends, PTSD, etc., but it was YAH’s grace that kept me and why I am alive, here today as you read this to bear witness to the truth that Yahusha the Messiah is the way, the truth, and the life (Yahuchanon/John 14:6). He whom the Son sets free is free indeed (Yahuchanon/John 8:36). So be encouraged…no matter what you are facing, Yah’s grace is sufficient for you (Qorintiym Sheniy/2 Corinthians 12:9) despite how far you think you have fallen from His grace. DON’T use His grace as a license to continue in willful sin but rather to go HIGHER in our Maker (Romaiym/Romans 6, Ivriym/Hebrews 10:26). Be encouraged.

Peace and Shalom

Brittany H.


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