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Recovery is unique for each individual, but there are commonalities in the human experience that help to reach this objective. Some of those commonalities for recovery are selfreflection, selfcare, internal and external forgiveness, and setting healthy spiritual boundaries. These therapeutic methods used to achieve recovery are effective for all types of abuse. In recovery, I have learned from self-reflection how to identify and avoid people in spiritual leadership roles who are controlling and manipulative. This includes faith-based groups, churches, assemblies, and communities that may impose compliancy (beliefs of doctrines and policies that may be out of harmony with scripture.)


Self-reflection and self-awareness helps me to be conscious of my own learned behaviors stemming from groomed childhood codependency that I must always be on guard against repeating the experience of being a victim of abuse, exploitation, and manipulation by those that misuse  their authority, power, influence, and control over others in faith-based communities.


Other important aspects of my spiritual recovery and self-care are internal and external forgiveness. I have gained tremendous healing from practicing self-forgiveness concerning not protecting myself from spiritual abuse when I chose conformity over critical thinking skills and plain common sense to be socially accepted by a religious organization. It has given me spiritual freedom and peace of mind to forgive my parents, exspouses, family, wellmeaning friends, and the religious leaders who twist and misinterpret scriptures, perhaps without any malicious intent.


 On a positive note, my religious background gave me a good basic foundation of Bible knowledge. Also, the concept of showing agape love without getting emotionally involved with congregation members is practical advice I can still use moving forward. Selfcare in my recovery also involves setting healthy boundaries with family and friends. I have learned how to say noto family members to protect my physical and mental health without feeling guilty. When it comes to being a sounding board for friends, I need to set healthy boundaries with myself and with others. I mustn’t allow myself to be overwhelmed by friends with emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed by a spiritual professional counselor who is trained to give me the help that they need, which also protects me from being emotionally drained and compromised in the dynamics of the individual’s sensitive personal issues. Again, this ties in with me setting boundaries for myself to know my strengths, limitations, weaknesses, desires, and needs, including my nutritional needs.


In summary, with this information, I make my relationship with Yahuah and Yahusha, who know me better than I know myself, the foundation and constant support of my recovery. Following Yahuah’s guidance benefits all areas of my life and gives me the support that heals my soul. I’m privileged to utilize my strengths for His Glory. My weaknesses humble me to draw closer to my Abba through prayer to receive power and strength beyond what is normal.


Yahuah has me on a path of progressive recovery as I study with like-minded believers under the leadership of Elders who encourage the assembly to test all things by being good Boreans of Yah’s Word. This enables me to be a part of a community that respects my freedom to have my own personal beliefs according to my due diligence in researching the scriptures to show myself approved. When differences arise, I’m still accepted by the community in a spirit of peace and love, as we all humbly continue to study out controversial topics following the lead of the Holy SpiritYAH’S Ruach. I’m so grateful to Yahuah for my recovery journey that has proven to me he has never forsaken or abandoned me. Therefore, I stand on his Word that he will continue to guide me through the recovery process. All praises to My Abba. Amein! 

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