With a team of loving lay counselors, CSCM is equipped to help the family with their various issues. We recognize that a family is a whole unit with individual parts. Oftentimes discord happens in relation to some life event such as death, birth, puberty, receiving a job, or losing a job. Having teenagers can create additional challenges, such as social pressures involving gangs, drugs, and alcohol. There are as numerous things that can go wrong in families, as there are members of the family. As such, CSCM looks at the family as a whole, as well as its individual parts. The whole is only as healthy as its parts. We use the Bible for direction as we seek to determine the source of discord. For instance, if a family member breaks an arm, what happens to the family? Scripture teaches that a wife supports her husband and that a husband supports his wife and family. Parents teach their children how to follow the instructions of their parents, and the Bible teaches children respect and moral principles. CSCM sees these as the basic building blocks for a healthy family.

When a teenager falls victim to gangs, it is important that both parents are involved. Additionally, other family members, depending on age should be involved. A family that prays together creates a powerful force. Being that family members are individuals as well as a unit, we seek to have each member express their thoughts, for the individual is a soul with thoughts and emotions. Reasoning is required as we seek root causes. CSCM is cognizant not to take sides but allow the Ruach haQodesh to lead the family towards healing. All in all, the Bible remains the baseline for healing as it teaches all aspects of life

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