No two people think, act, or process emotions alike therefore, there is no simple generic plan for healing. However, what is common to all sessions is Scripture. CSCM uses an eclectic approach to Scripture, meaning we tailor, or search out Scripture that fits individual needs. Through discussing their assessment with the counselor, the client begins their journey to Self-Discovery. From there, the counselor, with the help of the Ruach haQodesh begins to equip the client for change. Equipping involves understanding what the Scriptures, now their tool, say about what they must do to change. We seek to find biblical stories that have either a direct likeness to what the client is going through or implications. For instance, people who experience anxiety seek help from a psychologist to obtain a diagnosis. CSCM helps the client learn what the Word of Yah says about anxiety. For example, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God (Philippians 4:6). We may take that Scripture for example, and break it down into small pieces, making them personal to the client. Removing the layers of the Scripture makes them come alive and meaningful for the client. From there we begin to move them forward to a restored life in Yahuah. Listening, compassion, and prayer are foundational for counseling.

Unlike secular Psychology, CSCM aligns with Torah-based, biblical teachings. In CSCM, cognitive development, for instance, refers to comprehending the process of receiving salvation, which includes repentance and forgiveness of sins, leading to spiritual transformation.

What sets Compassionate Soul Care Ministry apart from other counseling services? Foremost we accept and anticipate divine guidance and revelation rather than involving our own emotions and theories. What sets us apart from others is that we apply Scripture to life application, helping the client understand how they came to be in their broken state. We do not condemn clients, as we know that it is only by the grace of Yahuah that we, too, escaped the death of sin. We listen and love with Compassion. as we understand our frailness and past sins. We recognize that no two people are alike, and therefore there is no set agenda for counseling other than the client finding their way back to Yahuah. If they never knew Yahuah, we would feel blessed to be their vessel to Him. We do not emphasize a fix; we emphasize spiritual wellness to heal spiritual brokenness.