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HallaluYah! I want to give all Esteem, Honor & all Praises to the Most High Yahuwah! I recently was feeling as if something was weighing me down. For some years, I had anger. Now, I still have moments, but they don't affect me like in times past. Living in this time that we are in, I am sure many other women, like myself, might have been in broken homes or surrounded by people from broken homes. Then, growing up as an adult, they find themselves in a like environment.

The choices I made were not the best. I thought I had to prove to people that I was a strong, melanin woman and didn't need anyone's help. But I did. My husband and children's father was just as broken. With his own troubles, he went on a path I did not expect. Me and my children found ourselves abandoned. The first couple of years, I was angry yet content knowing my children and I would get through our situation. After more time, I caught myself saying I hated this guy, getting upset with little things my children did, and even putting myself down, not knowing who I was. I did not realize that my anger was spiritual. I was going through warfare, a daily battle I became accustomed to.

Praise Yahuwah. January 2023 is when I started this journey with Compassionate Soul Care Ministry (CSCM). The Most High Yahuwah was patient and graceful at every meeting I had, guiding us to help light the way to repent of my angry spirit. Recognizing that this is spiritual helped me ask Yahuwah daily to show what He sees in me. Having established a new relationship with the Most High, I am more at peace and calmer than a year ago. Thanks be to Yahuwah and the help of CSCM. I am not saying that every day goes my way. I decided to let Yahushua, the Ruach Qodesh, lead me instead of myself. Now, I pray for my husband instead of hating him. And that is all Yah! Thank you, CSCM!

Dr. Ena McBryde- Silva

Compassionate Soul Care Ministry (CSCM) has been a tremendous blessing in my life and the lives of those in my household.  CSCM provides trustworthy soul-healing counsel that intrigues the mind and convicts the heart toward the Heavenly Father.  My son, my husband, and I all worked together with the CSCM staff during a very turbulent time in our lives.  All the counselors were knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, and comforting.

CSCM provided professional, punctual service that truly met the needs of our hearts.  Sister DianYah is genuinely one of a kind and a great blessing to the kingdom.  I would recommend her service to anyone seeking care for their soul and biblical-based counseling.

Roberta "Robbie" Roberts

I have had the privilege of benefitting from "Diane Foster's expertise as a Group Facilitator and Counselor in our fellowship family. In both of these roles, it's evident that Diane likes people because of the compassion and empathy she displays to each individual. And she manages time wisely to keep us on track and focused on the topic at hand. I strongly recommend her services in utilizing her skills and talents for her Compassionate Soul Care Ministry.

Donta Sinclair

I have known Ms. Diane aka my spiritual mom for a while now. I honestly believe that "Yah put her into my life. She is helping me in so many ways. She’s Sweet, patient, kind, outgoing and most importantly understandable. She’s doesn’t judge me at all. She’s a very good listener. I was going through a lot. I decided to get spiritual counseling instead of going to an earthly counseling. Spiritual healing is the best and she also goes by scriptures. Thank you so much Ms. Dianne aka Spiritual mom.

Basha and Israel

I am convinced Diane Foster is right for this type of service for she has helped my husband and I grow together according to the scriptures. She has put what seemed like impossible situations in our marriage into concrete perspectives that were easy to understand. She is compassionate, fair, and easy to talk to. Diane Foster has helped us tremendously and we praise YHWH for her.


I lost my daughter to suicide, and Sister Diane has been such a great support for me. I am still talking to her as a sister in Yah and a counselor in my pain and journey to healing. I truly trust Sister Diane with all my heart as I continue to be in this walk with Yah and I would recommend her to anyone that needs counseling and for help in understanding the scriptures in following Yah.


A bit less than 10 months ago, following a series of unfortunate events in my life, I had reached a really low point. Emotionally, mentally and physically drained, I knew that I needed to find the strength to continue living, and out of sheer desperation, I finally reached out to Diane through Assembly of Yahuah. It was the best decision I ever made.


Over the past 10 months, Diane has helped me experience growth that for me was unimaginable. In a loving and compassionate manner, she has helped me to identify both the destructive behavior patterns that led to my subsequent bouts of depression as well as pushing me to pray and restoring my faith. Diane sacrifices her time and truly makes our sessions meaningful. I'm forever grateful.

Nicole Brooks

have worked with Sister Diane in ministry in the capacity of counselor and previous fellow member of the board of elders and am convinced Diane Foster is right for this type of service. Not only have I worked with her and saw her help others overcome various issues, but she has also helped me overcome grief from the loss of my husband. She has been so gifted in the area of counseling and she uses that gift in both a professional and righteous manner.

I feel she is an excellent listener. She demonstrates a generous amount of patience, knowledge, along with an extraordinary amount of understanding. Sister Diane is truly gifted in the area of counseling, and I highly recommend her.

Garry Davidson

I have known Diane Foster for almost 6 years as a fellow follower in The Way. Our relationship goes beyond just our fellowship in the walk.

I consider Sister Diane part of my family and even though we aren't biologically related she is as much my sister as my own sister. We have worked together many times on teachings and counseling sessions. She is one of the most honorable and trustworthy people I've had the pleasure to know in my life.

I wholeheartedly endorse Compassionate Soul Care Ministry there isn't a better person to steer the ship as she will always rely on Yah to guide her in this mission of love and compassion.

Bill Flag

I am another person who has known Sister Diane for a number of years now in an online fellowship/prayer group. I’ve found her to be so many things but among them I instantly felt safe with her. I’ve valued her kinship so deeply that I was reluctant to utilize the benefits of her earthly calling with concern that our friendship might change if I opened up about the details of me being a CPTSD survivor and various other struggles. I found getting over myself and reaching out was a very wise choice. Just one counseling session has borne much more fruit in my life than all 45 years of secular counseling combined (honestly). As I set my eyes forward to this upcoming dispensation of my life journey I’m eternally Grateful that “Sister Diane” is by my side (amongst others) helping me face whatever may come in Faith, Love, Truth and Ruach Ha Kodesh. SIster Diane as she is often referred to, is worthy of my highest recommendation. If you are on this page seeking wise counsel. I can say with utmost assurance that her and her support team will provide a safe place to lay your burdens down cause they have done it for me. Thank you, Father for Sister Diane and Compassionate Soul Care Ministry!!! “You won’t regret it”.